How do I sign up?

If you have received an email containing a link to a test report, please register by following the instructions in that email.

How much does it cost?

It is free to create a Construction Hive™ account, which will allow you to receive, view, download, and search for documents on Construction Hive™.

Fees apply for publishing documents on Construction Hive™. For further information, including contact details for a sales enquiry can be found at http://www.spectraqest.com/construction-hive

How do I access my reports?

If you have received an email containing links to reports, click on the links.

Otherwise, you can try to find your document via the My Documents widget on the Home tab, or by performing a search from the box in the top-right, or clicking on Advanced Search.

Either way, once you have found your document, click on the document preview or click on Download to retrieve the full document.

How do I download reports to my file system?

Once you have found the report you are looking for, click on Download.

Why can't I access my reports?

Either the site is down for maintenance, or you need an account. Currently you can only get an account by being the recipient of a report, or if your company has a publishing agreement with Construction Hive™.

How do I search for a specific report?

You can try a keyword search via the search box in the top-right of the page. Construction Hive™ indexes a lot of different information for documents, so you can try searching by parts of the report number, project name, location, tag or other known information.

Alternatively, click on the Advanced Search to perform a more customized search, allowing you to specify reports that you haven't read, reports published within a certain date range, and so on.

For more help on searching, see our Advanced Search Help page.

Who can see the documents I publish?

The documents that you publish can be viewed by people that you include in your distribution list for a particular document. Similarly to forwarding an email, recipients of your documents can forward these on to other people, who will then be added to the distribution list and will also be able to view and download your document. You can see who has access to your document by logging into your Construction Hive™ account, and viewing the information relating to the document in question.

The publisher of the document and administrators at the publisher's company will also be able to see the report.

How can I quickly tell if a report has a failing result?

Some reports will be published to Construction Hive™ with a flag indicating that they are out of specification. In this case the notification email, search results and the document itself all contain visual cues indicating that the report has a failing result.

What are the Home page widgets used for?

These provide quick access to the reports you have most recently published or received.

How do I stop the notification emails?

By default, Construction Hive will notify you by email every time you receive a report. If you don't want to receive emails so frequently, you have two options:

  • opt to receive a daily report (morning or afternoon) showing all new documents that you have received.
  • opt to turn off notifications entirely. This is not generally recommended, as you will have no way of knowing when a report has been sent to you except by regularly checking this site.
    • Your notification settings can be changed via your account settings here. Your settings are also accessible by hovering over your name in the top-right of the page and selecting Settings.

      Can I publish documents from my own application?

      Currently documents can only be published to Construction Hive™ from Partner applications. For more information on Partnership, click here

      My report has the wrong results / is out of specification / requires a retest. Who do I contact?

      Construction Hive™ is a repository for documents related to the construction industry. This means that for help related to the content of the documents published on Construction Hive™ you will need to contact the company or user that published the report. This information can be viewed on the document details page in the top right hand corner along with contact information.

      What security measures do you use?

      It is important that your sensitive data is securely stored on Construction Hive. We have implemented a range of measures to ensure that your data is kept safe:

      HTTPS / SSL

      This web site uses 128-bit SSL security, which after logging in can be verified by looking for the padlock icon in your browser address or status bar. This ensures that reports and data that you and your clients download from Construction Hive cannot be intercepted by any malicious third parties.

      Site / Service Authentication

      Not only does the web site require secure access, but each and every call to the web service is also authenticated and authorized using Construction Hive's permission-based security model.


      Construction Hive utilizes Microsoft WCF, which provides an implementation of all of the major web services standards developed and endorsed by major web standards bodies such as OASIS and W3C. One of these components is WS-Security, which allows for secure SOAP messaging over HTTP, using 128-bit certificate security.

      There's a problem with the site. Who do I contact?

      If you have any problems with the Construction Hive™ site please email support AT_NOSPAM constru ctionhive DOT com