What is Construction Hive?

Construction Hive™ is a cloud based platform providing applications for the distribution and analysis of information amongst construction industry participants, such as construction companies, construction material producers, testing consultant laboratories and government agencies. It provides a centralized repository of testing and inspection documents. These documents are then available for analytical reporting and integration.

It has been successfully used for large (>$1B) infrastructure projects in the USA and Australia by leading private and public corporations, and currently has millions of documents under storage and more than 15,000 registered users. It is engineered to cope with large loads and regularly receives between 50,000 and 100,000 documents per month.

Who is Spectra QEST?

Spectra QEST (www.spectraqest.com) is the company behind Construction Hive™. Spectra QEST is a specialized software vendor, established in 1984. We focus exclusively on software solutions for construction materials testing and geotechnical companies, engineering inspectors, and construction materials producers.

Our customers are significant generators and consumers of information in the construction industry.