About Us

Why Construction Hive?

The civil and construction industries are very dependent on the availability of reliable and timely information. Information is used in design, material selection, project management, quality control and maintenance of assets.

Information is sourced from many providers: architects, engineers, surveyors, material suppliers, testing laboratories and many more. The information is provided in many formats, sometimes hard copy, sometimes electronic, but only rarely in a format that allows for efficient storage, searching and analysis.

This limitation represents a tremendous loss of opportunity to leverage the information to make better decisions during a project, or after construction, when maintaining an asset or deciding on future designs and materials.

Construction Hive™ overcomes this limitation by providing a platform where construction industry participants can share and analyse the information associated with construction projects.

What is Construction Hive?

Construction Hive™ is a supplier of online solutions to help construction industry participants share information and interact. The Construction Hive™ platform will offer a range of applications specifically designed to meet the needs of various construction industry participants.

These applications will have near zero configuration and administration requirements so you can be up and running very quickly. We will be publishing the API (Application Programmer Interface) enabling industry solution providers to integrate easily.

What are the applications?

The first application to be launched on Construction Hive™ is Documents, a solution for sharing and managing documents with minimal administration. The documents could be PDF files, Word/Excel documents or any other file type. Documents has a sleek, simple design, incorporates an easy to use yet powerful searching capability and, most importantly, allows for the publishing of actual data in combination with the readable version of documents. This data is stored and searchable, viewable, and with future applications will be available for aggregated reporting, analysis, statistics and exporting.

Who is Spectra QEST?

Spectra QEST (www.spectraqest.com) is the company behind Construction Hive™. Spectra QEST is a specialist software vendor, established in 1984. We focus exclusively on the construction industry with a leading LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and concrete mix design/management solution. Our customers are significant generators and consumers of information in the construction industry, information that we feel could be used better by companies and governments in the pursuit of building higher quality structures that will be better value, last longer and better utilize finite resources. This has inspired us to invest time, expertise and money into the Construction Hive™ initiative.