Advanced Search Help

This page explains some advanced searching techniques that you can use to quickly and accurately find the reports you need.

Wildcard search

Put a * at the beginning or end of a word to search for items that partially match a word.


Find all reports with any keywords matching “silt”, “silty” or “siltation”


Find all reports with dockets starting with 4940

Exact phrase search

Wrap multiple words in " to match an entire phrase. The words can be case-insensitive.

"recycled concrete"

Find all reports with any keywords matching the exact phrase “recycled concrete”.

project:"croydon av"

Find all reports with a project name containing the exact phrase “croydon av”

Excluded word search

Put a - at the beginning of a word to exclude any reports containing that word.

summary -daily

Find all reports with keywords matching “summary”, except where they also contain “daily”

i.e. finds Summary Reports, but not Daily Summary Field Reports.

Category search

A specific category can be searched on by specifying the category followed by a colon e.g.


Find all concrete reports where the samples used mix design “N20”.


Find all reports where testing was performed in Maitland.

Targeting a specific category will make a search run faster and eliminate false positives. For example, a general search for N20 could return reports that:

  • have mixes such as N20, N20/20, N20L etc.

  • were tested anywhere in the Greater London area with postcodes such as N20 0ZU, N20 8AP etc.

  • were tested with northing/easting co-ordinates in a format such as N2095 E9500

  • were tested around a pillar designated N20 etc.

  • have materials with codes N2055 etc.

What categories can I search on?

The categories on which you can search can mostly be found on the Advanced Search page, in the Category Search section. These translate to the following categories:

Field name on Advanced Search page

Category search



Lot Numbers


Field Technician


Work Date


Client Request / TRN


Material Source




Mix Design




Material Supplier


Project Owner


Most of the other inputs on the Advanced Search page also have corresponding category searches.

Advanced Search

Category search

Project (name or code)


Client (name or code)


Document Tags


Document Tags


Document Sealed: Sealed Only


Document Sealed: Unsealed Only


Document Status: Out of specification


Document Status: Preliminary


Document Status: Urgent


Include: Documents I have published


Include: Documents I have received


Include: Documents I have read


Include: Documents I have not read


Finally, there are some categories that can only be used by typing them directly:

Search by

Category Search Example


Document Type

documenttype:"dry density ratio report"



same as clientrequest:

Floor Number


must be numeric, not available for all customers



not available for all customers



Field Technician

fieldtechnician:"jose carreras"

Is Milestone Report?


Report Number

name:CON:13JHYU-49 code:CON:13JHYU-49

can use either name or code


company:"cm testing east"

name of the company/lab that published the report

Multiple term search

General search

For a general search, spaced words act like an “and”, finding reports where all words are present. You can also use the specific term &.

town country

Find all reports with keywords matching both “town” and “country”.

Use the vertical bar | symbol as an “or” to find reports where any of the words are present.

rain | shine

Find all reports with any keywords matching “rain” or “shine”.

Category search

For a category search, spaced words act like an “and”, finding reports where all category searches find a match.

location:maitland clientrequest:9132*

Find all reports where the testing was both performed in Maitland and had a client request ID starting with “9132”.

The exception is that specifying the same category acts like an “or”, finding reports where any of the words are present.

documenttype:hilf documenttype:proctor

Find all HILF reports, and all proctor reports.

Category searches can’t explicitly use & (and), | (or) or - (excluding) searches.

Date range search

Search for reports within a range of dates using .. to separate the dates.

  • include a space on each side of the ..

  • the dates must be in the format yy-mm-dd or dd/mm/yy (the US date format mm/dd/yy is not supported)

  • both the start and end date must be specified even if the date is the same

  • dates are inclusive

published:13/1/2020 .. 20/1/2020

Find all reports last published from Jan 13 to Jan 20 in 2020.

Note: only looks at the most recently published report revision

activitydate:2020-12-16 .. 2020-12-16

Find all reports with any activity date on Dec 16 2020.

Note: finds reports that had any activity date in the range, not only the most recent activity date

workdate:2019-1-1 .. 2019-6-1

Find all reports with a work date between 1 Jan 2019 and 1 Jun 2019.

A somewhat easier way to search by date range is to use the Advanced Search page, which provides a a date picker to allow you to set the range.


Search results may be sorted by adding sort: and then one of the words given below, which correspond to the columns shown in the search results.

The valid sorting keywords are:

  • activitydate - orders by the most recent activity date

  • published - orders by the most recent published date

  • project - orders by the project name

  • documenttype - orders the the document type

  • name - orders by the document report number

You may also add asc to sort A → Z, or desc to sort Z → A. This defaults to asc if omitted.

sort:published desc

Retrieves all reports and sorts the results by published date, from newest to oldest.

project:"benvolio pier" sort:name

Find all reports for the project Benvolio Pier and sorts the results by report number A → Z.

You can also sort results after they have been returned by clicking on the relevant header in the list of reports returned.